Management & reporting

PACT Site Services offers a complete end to end management and reporting services to keep your sites safe so you can focus on your business.

PACT Site Services works with and manages the process of site safety and crime reporting so that you don’t have to.

We will conduct:

· Toolbox meetings with supervisors to ensure relevant processes and reporting are update to date and followed.

· Meet with trades and suppliers to educate and inform on site safety and crime prevention processes.

Our all-inclusive management and reporting services include:

· Providing online database access to members to record all onsite crime activity

· Verifying incidents and liaising with Police to obtain Incident Report Numbers on behalf of our clients

· We can liaise with Police Forensic teams and building supervisors on all burglaries and large scale theft to provide forensic examinations if and when required, ensuring your resources are not tied up.

· We have a dedicated 24/7 phone line for reporting of incidents or suspicious activities on all our protected building and construction sites. (1800  272 836)

· Reporting of Illegal rubbish dumping as well as investigation and liaison with appropriate bodies such as builders, site supervisors, contractors and local councils.


Mitigation of risk is a critical component of ensuring a safe and secure building sites. Our risk management services can help your business manage risks across all areas of security. to determine sources of threat and risk (and potential events) that could affect the business entity or client asset.

Security risk management includes close collaboration to determine client needs to achieve the desired outcomes for the business and the community.

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