working with building companies

By partnering with PACT Site Security, you can focus on building homes and we can take care of all the site security across display villages and customer builds. With our extremely competitive pricing we will work with your teams - supervisors, trades and contractors to ensure that your sites are monitored, controlled and all crime reported.

We provide:

  • Online reporting facility to capture all incidents of onsite crime, including individual monthly reports.

  • Police incident report numbers for insurance purposes and to all reported onsite crime.

  • Investigations into crimes, suspicious activity and recent crime trends to ensure that your resources are freed up to build your customer’s home.

  • Ongoing Police liaison into reported crimes and ongoing investigations.

  • 24/7 1800 number for residents to report crime or suspicious activity.  

  • Toolbox meetings with supervisors to ensure relevant processes and reporting are up-to-date and followed.

  • Deployment, management and recovery of assets via GPS tracking.

  • Liaise with trades and suppliers to educate and inform on crime prevention processes. 

  • Social media campaigns to increase the awareness amongst the construction industry and wider community of the impact on construction industry crime.