working with developers

PACT Site Security has teamed up with developers across Perth to maintain safety and security across new residential and construction development sites. 

By working with PACT Site Security in new developments, we can ensure a robust community management and engagement strategy is in place, where developers, building companies, trades and residents can work together to reduce the impact of crime.

We provide:

  • Online reporting facility to capture all incidents of onsite crime, including individual monthly reports.

  • Police incident report numbers for insurance purposes and to all reported onsite crime.

  • Crime reports and identified trends within your land development area.

  • 24/7 1800 number for residents to report crime or suspicious activity. 

  • Community engagement and advice on how to report crime and suspicious activity.   

  • Social media campaigns to increase the awareness amongst the construction industry and wider community of the impact on construction industry crime.

Active community engagement also ensures that new developments areas can deal with anti-social and criminal behaviours before they begin to cause larger issues within communities.

Partnering with PACT Site Security means that you can focus on building a safe and secure new community without having to worry about the potential negatives crimes and suspicious behaviour may have on the future and success of your new development.