GPS Trackers on electrical goods across Display Homes.


Home building giant BGC Residential is this month adding GPS Tracking devices to electrical appliances and whitegoods in their display homes following recent offenders were charged, thanks to the devices being placed in hot water systems on their building sites during the construction phase.

Building crime partners PACT Site Security will undertake the installation and monitoring of the devices, along with a 24/7 crime hotline for reporting of incidents, security patrols of the villages and liaison with police to ensure offenders are charged.

The devices will be added to televisions, sound systems, fridges and even hot water systems to deter and prevent further thefts and damage and ensure that high value goods can be returned to the company.

CCTV cameras in the display home locations will also be added so that perpetrators can be positively identified following the incidents.

Following the recent success of our installed GPS trackers we are looking to further expand our total number of trackers across our housing sites in the Perth Metro and South West regions, and believe that further investment in technology in this space, will reduce building site theft, and increase the number of successful convictions. This will benefit the entire residential construction industry including trades, customers and builders.

Craig Pages-Oliver