August 2019 Building and Construction Industry Crime Statistics

August has seen a continued reduction in theft for PACT Site Security members with a total of 20 reports of burglary, theft and damage on construction sites. Offences included 6 x burglaries, 1 attempted burglary, 11 x stealing and 2 x damage. 60% of offences occurred in the southern suburbs but Banksia Grove to the north was the hotspot areas with 3 stealing and one burglary offence recorded for the month. 

Burglaries were reported on Amalfi Chase in Spires Private Estate and in the adjacent One Tree Private Estate, Georgia Way, Baldivis. Offenders stole a large quantity of floor times and an uninstalled oven, hotplate, rangehood and hot water system. Averley, Byford and Clarkson also had reported burglaries.  

Theft in the Calleya Estate, Treeby has seen significant reduction in onsite theft after 18 reported incidents over the previous 2 months with 1 x theft of lintels reported for the month. We believe reductions can be attributed to the increased reporting of crime which has lead to a recent arrests and increased police patrolling plus increased engagement with the wider community via social media which highlights the impact of crime within the building and construction industry. A reminder of the importance in reporting all building and construction industry crime!    

After posting captured CCTV footage on social media, an adult male has been arrested by Wanneroo Police and charge with 2 counts of stealing from a Commodore display home in Beethoven Street, Banksia Grove. Although the offender attempted to cover his head and face, he briefly looked at the camera and was quickly identify by our FBI (Face Book Investigators) who contacted PACT Site Security Investigators, see more here. Information remained confidential and details of the offender were passed to Wanneroo Police who arrested and charged the male several days later.     

A site in Everingham Drive, Ellenbrook was targeted on 2 separate occasions where offenders stripped all installed electrical wiring from the site and then returned after the initial stolen cable was reinstalled. Other metals theft included electrical cable in Banjup and a water meter from a site in Banksia Grove.  

Scrap metal theft continues to impact businesses, communities and industries across various sectors, water meters, copper pipe, electrical cable, reworks, time delays, all due to theft that is sold as scrap metal, much of this ‘Cash for Scrap’.

Theft of scrap metals is nothing new to the building and construction industry. Over a six-month period in 2003 builders reported just under $180,000.00 worth of aluminium window frames stolen from construction sites in the Perth metro area, theft was so widespread that bricklayers where taking window frames home so they could continue to work the following day. See more on scrap metal here. 16 years later and not much has changed apart from the price of copper!

An Expert Reference Group has been formed to work toward scrap metal industry reform and a full cost benefit analysis will be presented to Government later in the year. As we know, not all scrap metal theft is reported to police and this may provide inaccurate data as to the true impact of metals theft. To collate accurate and current data an industry survey have been developed to form part of the cost benefit analysis. So don’t continue to be part of the problem, become part of the solution and provide relevant information that will assist in the required scrap metal reform. Complete the survey here.  

PACT Site Security works with WA Police and the building and construction industry to provide efficient and effective reporting systems to identify crime trends. Accurate reporting of all crime activates resources to reduce theft risk, track and recover property, as well as deter future incidents.  Police liaison, GPS Tracking, CCTV, patrols and community engagement are just some of the tactics assisting to reduce crime and illegal rubbish dumping within the industry.  

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