Thieves in Hot Water Again

At 0545 hours on Wednesday 31/7/19 a hot water system with a fitted GPS tracking device was stolen from a Homestart building site in Pavarotti Vista, Hammond Park. Shortly after this a second GPS tracker was activated on another Homestart building site in the same street.

Pact Site Security immediately deployed an investigator to the area and liaised with Police to assist with appropriate resources. A link to our GPS platform was passed to the attending police patrol to enable them direct access to tracking in conjunction with PACT investigators.

After travelling more than 60 klms after the initial theft, Police stopped a vehicle in Warton Road, Thornlie. A subsequent search of the vehicle recovered a quantity of drugs (Cannabis+Methamphetamine) and 3 hot water systems, all stolen from separate building sites in Pavarotti Vista, Hammond Park. One adult male was charged with stealing and drug offences and refused bail to appear before the Fremantle magistrates court on 1/8/19.

PACT Site Security GPS tracking strategy continues to provide results to its members and the wider building and construction industry community. To date 13 people have been arrested and charged with theft as a direct result of the deployment of GPS tracking units onto members building sites.

BGC Housing has been at the forefront of this strategy and works closely with PACT investigators to enable mandatory reporting of all crime through PACT Site Security online reporting platform. With Home Group recently joining the PACT program increased reporting provides a clearer picture of trends and hot spot areas.

Recent trend analysis identified a significant increase in burglary and theft through the Hammond Park, Treeby and Piara Waters areas. As a result Pact Site Security investigators deployed a number of GPS tracking units to members sites within these areas.

This highlights the importance of reporting all building and construction site crime to identify high crime areas. Based on the theft of 3 hot water units from one street it is without doubt that this offender has been active for some time. Offenders like this are mobile and cover large distances scoping out suitable construction areas to steal assets that can be easily disposed of, purchasing drugs or selling on social media buy and sell pages, this generally continues until they are caught!

The identification of the high risk areas, through the PACT reporting system, allows appropriate resources to be allocated by PACT investigators and local police. Accurate reporting of all building and construction industry crime will increase police and local government security patrols and provide dedicated Police/PACT operations in high crime areas to identify and arrest offenders. Accurate reporting of crime in conjunction with proactive and reactive theft reduction strategies will ultimately reduce crime.

The results speak for themselves, recovery of over $2000 worth of assets to be returned to our members, taking criminals off the street and making them think twice before stealing from a PACT Site Security members site.

Craig Pages-Oliver